We are offering you a unique chance to come and stay in Zanzibar for free, ..yes free, ..you pay your flight, your food, ..but we have this house, we are in it, but we are bored of each other, we are not quite as gay as everybody thinks, so we need women, beautiful (inside or outside) women, to come and bring some sunshine and smiles to our life.
We have Marco, ..and now, it is not what you are thinking, ..proprietor, owner of the upstairs bedroom, purchaser of TV and playstation, whose specialities include placing large pieces of meat on the BBQ, not existing on Saturdays (Friday is party night) and supplier of all things alcoholic.

Then we have Marcus, (yes, ..it’s true, Marco and Marcus) who isn’t as gay as he looks, will cut you hair when your drunk, will not teach you how to kite surf unless you ask really really nicely, will not let you touch his laptop, and his specialities include, marinating the meat before Marco places it on the BBQ, drinking most of the alcohol Marco supplies (never enough for Marco to consider him a real man) and waking up earlier than you would have thought possible for a man that went to bed so late to night before.

And here is our beautiful beach, ..just in case your wondering what goes on outside the confines of our walls…